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WASHLENE.2: Agent for the gentle cleaning of fabrics in water (wet cleaning system), with a special action on the delicate fibroprotettiva. WASHLENE.2 is active against dirt even with mild mechanical action of washing, has an excellent softening action and antinfeltrente, is effective against many types of stains and is particularly delicate on the fibers, protects the fibers of the fabrics, bold, vivid colors. WASHLENE.2 is particularly suitable for cleaning water in a large percentage of clothing that are normally dry cleaned. This produces results in preferential cleanliness, freshness and vibrancy of colors. Can be used with any known washing system, as long as the mechanical action for delicate fabrics is reduced by 90%. With WASHLENE.2 you can even wash cold (total solubility). Packed in plastic containers of 10 Kg.

  • Model: 542210
  • Shipping Weight: 10 Kg.
  • Manufactured by: CHIMICASUD
  • This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 21 May, 2013.

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